Change The How

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Our Mission

To Change The Way The Fashion Industry Works

Converte is a disruptive, ethical and sustainable fashion brand. We believe that dressing up should not cost the earth. Planet friendly and fashionable, our Converte tribe know that the circle of life is owed a circular fashion brand.

Our Story

We up-cycle the tons of fashion waste destined for landfill from across the world. Working together with designers and African artisans, we create Converte’s unique, remade, next-generation clothing ranges from a fusion of these upcycled garments. Our circular model transforms fashion.

Be a part of our story. Join our tribe, and together….. we will change the How! 

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Planet Friendly 

Our range is upcycled from discarded clothing and surplus stock, supporting a circular economy and resource recycling. 

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Inspired by Africa

Emboldened by the vibrant, dynamic and resourceful energy of the continent, Converte partners with African artisans in the design and creation of our ethical and amazingly original clothing.  

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