A savvy young boy and girl, having fun in front of the camera dressed in up-cycled clothes from the ethical fashion brand Converte.
A young girl, showing her back to camera dressed in a camo patterned cropped T-shirt.
A young guy and girl laughing, dressed in pre-owned clothing, re-made and up-cycled.
Three young Gen Z girls, dressed in clothes remade from secondhand clothing. They are wearing bandeaus underneath cropped and mish mash shirts.
Planet-Friendly Fashion


Maji Boho Bandeau
A young, Gen Z, eco warrior wearing an oversized pre-loved jacket redesigned to transform fashion.
Change the How

Converte is the world’s first planet-friendly fashion brand dedicated to democratising sustainability.

We transform fashion.

The way it is imagined and the way it is made.

We are redesigning.

We are upcycling.

We make fashion sustainable, affordable and accessible to all.

Become a Converte.

Together as a tribe,

We will change the how we dress our world.